What’s the BIG Deal About Bill 6? Can’t People Move On Already?

Natasha Mintram

It’s been five days since Bill 6 passed third reading, four days since it was given royal assent, and it’s already majorly affecting farmers and ranchers across Alberta. If you haven’t read my first article, please do.1

I’m not a farmer or rancher and never grew up in the rural community, but I have a great appreciation for all the hard work they do. I write this in the hopes that the urban community would see the severity of Bill 6 and may stand in unity with rural Albertans.

Farmers and ranchers have been an independent community for over 120 years. Their roots go deep. It is so sad to see what’s happening to Alberta’s agricultural history: a major part of our thriving economy. Historically, the government has used the divide between urban and rural Alberta to its advantage by “pleasing” either one or the other. This isn’t right:…

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