What happens in a cattle feedlot – Explaining Aerial Images

Exceptionally done by one of the Ag Industry’s busiest and best bloggers…

Beef Runner

What’s really going on in the feedlots you see on television or in google images?

Google cattle feedlot aerial photos and you come up with a number of results that describe the “horrors of industrial beef”. People like to make these images out to be scary and damaging for conventional cattle operations. Even when an artist shares touched-up aerial shots of feedlots as a piece of art, opponents use them to demonize this way of finish feeding cattle. Some people have said that agriculture wants to ban people from seeing these things or learning about what goes on in a feedlot by using “ag gag” laws. These are things that have inspired me to describe what happens in a feedlot and share that experience with others who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the finish feeding phase of raising beef cattle.

In earlier posts, I’ve described my experiences growing…

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