#Februdairy, or why you should drink more milk this month (and TALK ABOUT IT!)

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#Februdairy is nearly upon us!

For those of you whom live beneath a boulder, twitter has been ablaze with a feud between dairy farmers and vegans for the past few weeks. From what I can glean, it started when a couple UK dairy farmers started promoting “Februdairy“- a month of positive dairy industry promotion, from animal well-being right down to the enjoyment of yogurt (I do love yogurt).

However, as with #Farm365, the twitter vegans quickly caught wind of this clever, malicious plot to misinform so many millions about the real “horrors” of dairy production (news flash- there are no dairy horrors)  And so, champions of dairy, like @Bovidiva (Dr. Capper also has blog: Bovidiva.com), have been spending literally- and I do mean literally- days of their lives attempting to stave off the vegans. Of course, they (the dairymen) are winning. It’s laughable at times, but its also taken a rather vicious turn just this morning.


Can you imagine? These self-proclaimed activists actually think it is appropriate to threaten human lives for their agenda. What’s worse, though, is the thought that they might actually go through with something. We have seen it far too often, even in the last 12 months. Someone takes the lives of others because of something he or she heard or read on the internet. It is not inconceivable that someone with severe mental issues could take these threats and act on them. I would like to take this moment to encourage healthy, respectful debate on both sides, and I will condemn any threat, real or otherwise, anyone makes. This is absolutely abhorrent behaviour, and ought to be persecuted to the fullest extent.

That said, I continue to be at a loss for what to do. Engaging with these social erratics is tiresome, stressful, and potentially dangerous. However, I find it increasingly difficult to stand by the wayside and ignore the blatant lies and horrid false “facts” they propagate. Theirs is a lost cause; truly! There is no reason to avoid dairy products for the sake of the animal, or for your health, or for the environment, or for the poor, or for any other reason they come up with. However, they’re awfully loud about their lost cause, and because of the distance between farmer and consumer, it is easy for them to play an emotional game. Thus, I have found myself interjecting truth here and there when I think I can put up with the fallout. And, I try not to go it alone.

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Behold, the horrors of dairy. If I roll my eyes any more, they might stick that way.

I will encourage you to post anything and everything dairy on the internet in the next month. Enjoy a glass of milk? Yogurt (I really, really like yogurt)? Cheese on your pizza, crackers, or pasta? Buttermilk in your pancakes? Cream in your coffee? Post it. Own dairy cows? Feed dairy cows? Drive by dairy cows on the way to work? Know vaguely what a dairy cow looks like? Find pictures, take videos, share it. Post it. Overwhelm those dithering vegans with #Februdairy, and show the rest of the world what kind of frauds those people really are.

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And all this from a beef cattle student. By the way, I started my new program- a PhD (piled high and deeper)  this month. Stay tuned for new adventures from Edmonton.

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